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If you’re looking to just outsource a few jobs here and there, this isn’t the company for you. If you’re looking for partners in crime who you can depend on wedding after wedding, portrait session after portrait session, let’s talk.

We work with the same clients again and again. This allows us to learn their editing style forwards and backwards to the point where they can’t tell the difference between our editing and theirs.

And there’s no middle-man. You communicate directly with your editor, whether it’s me or Gaea. These are your pictures, and you deserve to have them done your way. And we are committed to helping you get that.

Click the images below to meet me, the indomitable leader, or Gaea, my second in command.

(But wait, how is outsourcing useful for me or my business in the first place!?)

Team Member

Captain of Shenanigans

Team Member

Second in Command

  • “Beth is the ultimate goddess of photo editing.”

    “Beth has simply been a godsend and my only regret is that we didn't start working with her years ago when we were first referred to her. Instead we went with one of the other "major" post-production companies and despite having their varieties of color/toning profiles to choose from, the images never came back just the way we wanted them. All we had to do with Beth was share some of our images from each part of the wedding day and an explanation of how we like things to look, and we seriously could not believe our eyes when we got the first wedding back. It was at least 98% perfection! On her first try! She has freed up so much time for us that we're now looking to expand by taking on more shoots and starting another side business. Don't waste time trying other "big-name" companies for your post production. Beth's personalized service will have out shooting more, making more, and enjoying photography more again in no time!”

    Doug and CheyAnne of Arte De Vie

How it Works

You send us your stuff. We edit like a boss.

Family Portraits
Senior Sessions
I’m sure I’m forgetting something….but we edit that too.

We even take orders from people outside of the U.S.! As long as you can send digital files, we can accommodate your needs.

Here’s a few more details about how the process works:

You email me – You fill out my contact form questionnaire and say, ‘Hey, I sorta need help because I work at home 75% of the time and haven’t even seen my own family in two weeks.’ Or something like that. Your reasons may vary, I’m summarizing here.

I take a look – I look over your workload and determine if your workload needs and our current availability match up.

The Test Edit – If I determine your workload would be a good fit for either me or Gaea, I share a Dropbox folder with you and we move on to a test edit. This is free for up to 30 images.

Critique – You go over the test edit and comment on what you like and what you don’t like. This is critical for starting to learn your style.

Moving Forward – If the test edit goes well, we move on to a regular working arrangement where you send us stuff on a regular basis and we edit like champs.

Rainbows and Unicorns – Yay! You’re successfully outsourcing! I bet you feel awesome right about now huh? You can go back to having a life, or even better, use the extra time to grow your business and make even more moneyz.


    “Beth has an eye for color and editing that is nearly impossible to find in an outsourcing company. I was amazed how quickly she was able to adapt to my editing style and how few corrections I had to give. She's super fun, super fast, so flexible, and she has saved me SOOO much time. I think I might be in love. <3“

    Stacy Reeves of L'Amour de Paris

My services are broken down into two different types. Main services, which are accessible to anyone who wants to work with me, and add-on services, which are only accessible to people who wish to purchase a main service.

For example: if you want help with blogging, you must already be a regular editing client of mine. It’s not a service I offer as a stand-alone service.

Here’s a list of what I can do for you:

Main Services


$0.36 / Photo

Using Adobe Lightroom, I will adjust: exposure, white balance, contrast, shadow, blacks, whites, highlights, saturation, clarity, brightness, and much more!

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Price Varies

Image retouching (using Photoshop) - anything from minor blemish removal to slimming, wrinkle removal, background adjustments, etc.

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Secondary Services

Skin Smoothing

$0.40 / Photo

Skin smoothing services are offered via the Imagenomics plugin for Photoshop, called Portraiture. It's quick, easy, and great for giving images a clean, finished look.

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$0.06 / Photo

Let me pick your best photos for you. You send me all your photos, tell me about how many you want, and I cull them for you. Easy as pie. ...Did someone say pie?

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PS Actions

Price Varies

If you send me the actions, I'll apply them to your photos. Price varies based on whether or not you want the actions applied as a batch action or if you want the action applied and then adjusted per each image's needs.

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Blogging & SEO

$2.00-$2.50 / photo

For any blogging package you choose, a blog post will be created for you in your blog's website and saved as a draft. Then all you have to do is press Publish!

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Album Design

$5.00 / Page

Wedding albums, portrait albums, boudoir albums - just tell me the album specifications and send me the photos - and I'll get to work! Easy peasy!

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    “I had finally had enough. It was busy season again, I was completely burned out, living behind my computer editing instead of enjoying time with my family. My business was supposed to be making my life better, not making me miserable. So I finally decided to outsource my editing. My friend recommended Beth, and she has been the absolute best thing that has ever happened to my business. Not only are her fees extremely reasonable, but she matched my editing style perfectly and allowed me to focus on the thing I REALLY love – my family. I wish I had been smart enough to outsource editing, album design, and other business tasks earlier on and saved myself the stress I had from trying to do it all myself. Beth has changed my business and changed my quality of life. I can’t recommend her enough.“

    Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog*, founder of Marketog*, and Lemon Tree Photographers

Don’t like the editing style pictured below? Don’t worry about it!
I tailor my editing to meet each of my clients’ individual style. I’ll update this page with different styles as time goes on, as per the permission and copyright agreements of the photographers I work with.

Are you a portrait photographer? Have no fear!
You can expect your portraits to turn out just as lovely as the wedding photos pictured above.


    “I used Beth for my wedding editing and she’s amazing! She treated my business like it was her own and truly cared about the quality of the images she was turning over to me. I never could have grown my business or had a hint of sanity without Beth. I loved working with somebody I could trust to get my editing done in a timely manner and do an amazing job at it. Thank You Beth!“

    Molly Marie with Molly Marie Boudoir, Boudie Shorts*, and founder of Boudie Camp*, and Venture Shorts
Contact Me

Get in touch:

If you’re interested in working with me and I haven’t scared you away yet (or you want to share a fun cat video or something because hey, they never get old), fill out the info here or email me at captain@starboardediting.com, though I do suggest you use the form below because it will give me a good understanding of what your workload needs are up front so I can figure out if we’d be a good fit or not.


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