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I’d like to introduce you to my second editor, Gaea. I’ve known her now for like 10 years? Or something. Long time. We used to train together in the same martial art. So I had been around her and had a good, solid understanding of her work ethic and personality. (Plus it helps that any time I show up at her house she or her partner hands me a drink.) 

She already had experience with editing and photography before we started working together, and since then I’ve trained her on the in’s and out’s of editing for other people. Which at this point is almost a year and a half ago. 

Anyway, I’ll let her tell you about herself now.

I’m a freelance artist in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. (For folks outside to the US, or folks who need a brush up on upper Midwest geography, that is Minneapolis and St. Paul.) As a freelancer I do everything from teaching stilt walking to picking up stage hand work with local theaters to building custom costumes to working a summers at LARP (aka, Live Action Role Play) camp to scuba diving for golf balls.

In 2015, Beth and I were having a picnic in the parking lot of a Renaissance Festival and she was complaining of being overworked. She said she’d like to find an assistant with an eye for photography. The other folks at the picnic looked at her and at me and at her and started pointing out that I had hung two photo shows that year and was just saying I was low on employment. So, like so many of us in the creative careers, I didn’t mean to get here. But here I am.

I’ve managed to monetize most of my hobbies, so I don’t really have hobbies anymore. But when I’m not working, I can usually be found outdoors or with my nose in a book. Or both. Laying in a hammock. Those are the best days.

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Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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