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How To Edit Newborn Skin Tones

A while ago I sent out an email asking people to send me their editing questions. Shannon emailed me back and said:

“I have trouble editing newborn skin. Redness, flakiness, uneven skin tones, blotchiness, etc.”

Having edited plenty of newborn skin in my years spent editing, I get what she means! Newborn skin can be really tricky to edit and get the right colors, get rid of flakes, etc. So I made her a tutorial of how I edit newborn skin tones. 

If you have your own editing questions, I’d love to hear! If I can I’ll make you a video tutorial on exactly how to do it. Click here to send me your questions!

Do You Know When To Start Outsourcing?


One of my audience members asked me how you know when it’s time to start outsourcing. Which is actually a really super awesome question.

The short answer is, ‘before you need to.’ But that’s still not overly helpful.

So, how do you know?

In this post I’ll walk you through how to figure out if it’s time.

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Awesome Resources that Make My Life Easier

Awesome Resources That Make My Life Easier

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The 5 Commandments of Monitor Calibration + How to Avoid This Printing NIGHTMARE

Monitors. Calibrating monitors. Ugh. The thought probably makes you cry a little bit on the inside.

It really is a headache. But it really is important, especially for doing color-specific work (like editing or design, etc.). And I’ve heard photographers say they don’t know how to do it, or they just guess, or that ‘as long as the prints look good, who cares?’

Or the worst of the worse – “I don’t calibrate my monitor. Why does it matter?”

Oh my dear lord.

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