What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time is tailored to each photographer and their individual needs. However, as a general rule of thumb, I try to get portrait sessions back to my clients within a few days, and weddings within a week. However, during the busiest part of the year (generally July through September) it can take me a bit longer (2-3 weeks). However, I make absolutely sure to return your photos to you before they’re due to your clients.

How do payments work?

I bill clients every two weeks via PayPal. Your invoice will include a description of the work completed within that two-week period, and you will have two weeks (until the next invoice is sent out) to pay your invoice.

If you don’t pay within two weeks of the invoice being issued, I will hold your photos ransom. With a ski mask. And a water gun. And nobody wants that.

I don’t live in the U.S., can I still work with you?

Absolutely! I transfer files digitally for almost all of my clients regardless of where they live, and even transfer whole weddings over the internet through Dropbox. As long as you can upload and download digital files, it won’t matter whether you live down the street or in Australia.

What’s your phone number? Can I call you?

Here’s the deal with phone calls. I’m going to talk with you on the phone, take some notes that are really important, and then they’re going to get lost on my desk amongst a sea of Legos and Star Wars figurines.

Instead, I much prefer that our communications happen via email – that way there’s a record of our conversations that’s easily searchable whether I’m at my desk, a coffee shop, or on my phone. Plus, it allows me to keep a record of all of our points of contact throughout the time we’re working together that I can always reference at a later date, even years down the road. (And yes, I do and have done this; since the majority of the work I do happens digitally my computer, emails, and digital files are all very well organized.)

How do I send you files/the trial edit?

      1. Tell me which email address you have hooked up to your Dropbox account so I can share a folder with you.
      2. I will share a folder with you titled with either your name or your business name from the email address teutschmann@gmail.com.
      3. Accept the shared folder invitation and add the folder to your Dropbox.
      4. In the folder I shared with you, create another folder titled with the name of the shoot and (if using RAW files) the total number of files that will be in the folder once the folder is done syncing or (if using Smart Previews) just a folder with the Smart Previews and Lightroom catalogue in it.
      5. Copy and paste the unedited photos (either the RAW files or the Lightroom catalogue and Smart Previews, depending on which method you’re using) into the session folder you created.

For example: if you’re sharing the Johnson Family’s portrait session with me and you have 53 files you’re putting in the folder, title the folder “Johnson 53,” where Johnson is the name of the shoot and 53 is the total number of files that will be in the folder once the folder is done syncing.

Your shared dropbox folder will look something like this:


If you’re sharing a trial edit, just label the folder “Trial Edit 30.” If you have LR presets that you use regularly, don’t forget to include them with the trial edit since I will need to use them to recreate your editing style. (Don’t worry, I won’t use them for anyone else’s photos, since using your presets on someone else’s photos would make their photos look like your photos, which would not be advantageous to matching their editing style.)

When I’m done editing, I’ll create a new folder titled “edited” within the session’s folder and it will contain the JPEGs and the XMPS (and the LR catalogue if you use LR5).


I will also email you once it’s done to let you know.

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