Tell me which photos you want put on Facebook, whether you want them added to an existing album or if you want me to create a new album for them, and send me the photos. I can even tag people in the photos if you like, and write a short caption for each photo.

Blogging and SEO

For any blogging package you choose, a blog post will be created for you in your blog’s website and saved as a draft. I’ll inclue some text in the post as well as a call-to-action at the bottom of the post.

Then all you have to do is give it a quick look-over to make sure everything is in the right place,  push ‘publish’ button, and voila! A brand new blog post is posted to your blog!

Prices are as follows:

  • Regular Package (without SEO): $2/photo – includes logoing and resizing the photos for web
  • SEO Package: $2.50/photo for every – includes logoging, resizing the photos for web, and SEO coding
Want me to go back and do SEO coding for some of your older posts? I can do that too!

The same prices apply for blog posts that have already been done. I’ll download any of the images that are uploaded to the post, re-name with SEO keywords, and re-upload the images to the post. I will also adjust the wording to include SEO keywords for that post.

If you’re not aware of the benefits of SEO and how much you’re losing out by NOT doing it, head over here and read about how important it is for your business. And don’t stress if you think it sounds complicated – let me take care of it for you!

Culling Services


Let me pick your best photos for you.

Very self-explanatory. You send me all your photos, tell me about how many you want when I’m done, and I cull them for you. Easy as pie.

…did someone say pie?

Hire me on a regular basis

Need some help on a regular basis (besides just the services listed here)?

What else do you need help with? Would you like help with stuff a few hours every week with miscellaneous tasks not already listed in my services?

Awesome. Let’s talk.

Skin Smoothing


Skin smoothing services are offered via the Imagenomics plugin for Photoshop called Portraiture. It’s quick, easy, and just as good (if not better) as doing it by hand, which keeps the price relatively cheap. Care is taken on my end to make sure details are retained in various areas of the image, such as hair, eyes/eyelashes, etc.

This is a great option for giving portraits a finished, clean look, especially for boudoir portraits.

Album Design

$5/page or $10/spread

Wedding albums, portrait albums, boudoir albums – just tell me the album specifications (size, how many pages, etc) and send me the photos and I’ll get to work!  Prices include one round of corrections, and I will also send you the InDesign file I used to create the album.



Program Used: Adobe LightRoom

Edits Include:

  • Exposure and White Balance Adjustment
  • Contrast/Shadows/Blacks/Whites/Highlights
  • HSL Panel and Clarity/Saturation/Vibrance adjustments (if needed)
  • Sharpening, Grain Reduction, and Cropping (if needed)
  • Camera Calibration (if needed)

Have presets you use regularly? Send them along, I’ll use them too! Your presets will be used for your photos and your photos alone, and will be used to replicate your editing.

*Note: Editing does not include retouching or Photoshopping, such as blemish removal, spot corrections, head swaps, wrinkle removal. Editing only includes the basic editing listed above, as I do not offer advanced editing services.

Photoshop Actions


If you send me the actions, I’ll apply them to your photos. You can either add this on to the basic editing fee or just send me the photos you want the actions applied to. Pretty easy, huh?


Retouching can put the final touch on an image and really give it a polished, finished look. This is especially popular with boudoir photographers who want to give their clients a flawless and clean look.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Just Skin Smoothing – $0.40/image – smooths away minor blemishes but does not include individual spot adjustments
  • Minor Blemish Removal $2.50/image – This would include things like basic skin smoothing, small blemish removal and spot adjustments, minor background adjustments, eye bag removal, etc.
  • Advanced Retouching – $5.00/image – Includes more involved, time-consuming edits, more intense and difficult blemish removals and background adjustments, slimming, etc.

Each price tier includes the services of the tier below it. So Minor Blemish Removal, for example, will include Skin Smoothing, and Advanced Retouching will include all the services included in Minor Blemish Removal and Skin Smoothing.

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